What is the Zone Technique?

The Zone Technique classifies the human body into six zones/systems as determined by the principles of neurology and brain function. Each zone/system is controlled by specific parts of the brain and brainstem.

Disease and discomfort can be attributed to a disturbance in one or more of these six systems or “zones.” A disturbance within one of these areas alters the brain’s ability to direct the system to perform its functions normally.

The Zone Technique offers a diagnostic process that enables the doctor AND patient to know exactly what is happening in the body. The process begins by determining which of the brain centers is not sending the proper signals to its corresponding system. This is done through examination of specific points on the head, which are connected neurologically to the six brain centers. When a brain center is not in harmony with its own system, all functions associated with that system suffer, as well as disrupting proper function in all the other systems.

To correct the imbalance, four specific points along the spinal cord are stimulated/activated. This balances the specific brain center. Then the spine is adjusted appropriately and the brain centers then send out the correct signals to the body’s zones/systems and the body is better equipped to heal itself.

Regaining balance in each of the body’s six systems is crucial to achieving overall health. Click here to learn more about each individual zone.